We are reviewing the registration details of all vessels listed on the Australian General Shipping Register

Tuesday 29 June 2021
This is an important process undertaken by AMSA to ensure the register contains current information and continues to serve its purpose. 
seafarer with computer

AMSA is undertaking a review of ships registered on the Australian General Shipping Register. This review is targeted at ships with registrations where there has been no activity on the registration for 10 years or more. 

If you are the registered owner of a vessel listed on the register, you will need to confirm that your vessel’s registration details are correct and if not, notify AMSA of the required updates to the vessel’s registration details as required. To confirm the registration details, please complete the online form.  

You need to make sure your vessel’s registration details are up-to-date if you want your vessel to remain on the register. If you have sold or otherwise disposed of the vessel, you must also advise AMSA. 

Registered vessel owners who fail to respond to AMSA’s request to confirm the status of their vessel, will have their vessels removed from the register. 

Confirm the status of your registered vessel