We are talking safety to our Indigenous commercial operators

Tuesday 25 May 2021
Over the next few months, we will work closely with traditional inhabitant boat operators in the Torres Strait region. 
Torrest Strait

As part of this campaign, we are aiming to work with local communities to promote a culture of safety on the water and provide educational tools to assist with assessing and managing risks on their vessels. 

Traditional inhabitant boats (TIBs) are domestic commercial vessels operated by Indigenous Australians for commercial fishing. In most cases, TIBs are not only used for commercial activities, with many also used for personal travel, subsistence fishing, traditional hunting and to access essential services.

This safety education campaign will be driven mainly by face-to-face engagement working closely with the Indigenous communities. 

In May and June, we will be visiting two central island communities (Poruma and Warraber Islands). While there, we will be holding free TIB safety workshops, as well as providing opportunities for one-on-one vessel check-ups. 

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