What is a marine incident?

Thursday 14 July 2022
Reporting incidents help us to respond quickly and efficiently to an incident when it occurs.
Marine incident banner image

Marine incidents are defined in various Australian laws and include a number of different types of incidents.

A marine incident may include the following:

  • death or injury to a person associated with the operation or navigation of a vessel  
  • loss or presumed loss of a vessel  
  • collision of a vessel with another vessel  
  • collision by a vessel with an object  
  • grounding, sinking, flooding or capsizing of a vessel  
  • fire on board a vessel  
  • loss of stability of a vessel that affects the safety of the vessel  
  • the structural failure of a vessel  
  • close quarters situation  
  • dangerous occurrence, which is an occurrence that could have caused the death of, or serious personal injury to, any person on the vessel.

If in doubt, report the incident anyway. Your experiences help us develop improved safety education. Read more about marine incidents. What is a marine incident? (