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CEO’s Foreword

AMSA’s statutory functions are safety-based. Our aim is to promote maritime safety, to protect the marine environment and to provide a national search and rescue service.

Our operating environment is continually changing and presents us with many challenges. To meet these challenges we need effective policies, regulations and capabilities that are able to anticipate and respond in ways that support our aspirations for a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient maritime sector.

Fundamental to this is our belief that the responsibility for the safe and appropriate operation of a vessel by its crew rests with its owner and master, and we expect all those involved to act accordingly and comply with the law.

In carrying out our compliance activities, we will endeavour to ensure that our approach does not unnecessarily impede the efficient operation of those we regulate by applying a Risk based and proportionate approach. We will carry out compliance activities in a coordinated, efficient and streamlined manner applying our resources where they will have the greatest impact.

We will focus our interventions on high-risk and low-compliance operations whilst supporting our regulated community with timely, relevant and accurate information that enables them to meet their obligations.

This strategy considers these things and sets out our approach to compliance. It gives effect to our Regulatory Approach. It will be reflected in the responses identified in our Corporate Plan, in related annual planning processes and in the way AMSA conducts its compliance activities at an operational level.

Implementing this strategy will require a partnership between AMSA and our regulated community because we cannot achieve our aim without the support of others. I trust that you will join with me in working toward improved safety and environmental outcomes for our industry.

Mick Kinley