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Information sheet—Marine order 32

AMSA 466

The main purpose of this notice is to ensure that persons directly involved in unloading operations, can agree that vessels are being loaded/unloaded in compliance with MO 32 and is not intended to allow for any unsafe practices or arrangements to take place.

MO 32—When can ship’s crew work cargo?

Where a ship is in an Australian port section 94 of the Navigation Act 2012 prevents ship’s crew being employed in handling cargo (see note 1) in connection with the loading and unloading of a ship if sufficient shore labour is available.

If the intention is to employ the crew in handling cargo in connection with the loading and unloading of a ship, the following principles will apply:

Note 1. Cargo is defined in section 14 of the Navigation Act 2012 and does not include ballast or goods (stores) intended for consumption on board the vessel.

Note 2. Stevedore availability would normally refer to labour being available to work cargo in compliance with MO32. Where compliance with MO32 is under discussion, or in dispute, the Master should not infer that insufficient shore labour is available.