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Scale F first aid kit

Vessels of the following classes: 1C (with unberthed passengers), 1D (with berthed passengers), 1E (with berthed passengers), 2C and 3C, are required to carry certain medical supplies and equipment on-board.

The table included in the link specifies the minimum medical supplies and equipment needed to treat minor medical conditions and injuries, or to temporarily stabilise a patient until they can be transferred to medical assistance. A medical cabinet stocked with appropriate supplies may also be required.  

The supplies and quantities may need to be increased based on the level of risks to the voyage, the length of the voyage, access to medical facilities, the cargo and the number of people on board. Owners and operators should determine appropriate additional medical supplies for their vessels based on a first aid risk assessment or medical advice.

If you are unsure of the nature or seriousness of an illness or injury, you should seek radio medical advice where a helicopter evacuation could be initiated. If a child requires treatment, you should seek radio medical advice as the medical supplies and equipment are only designed for adults.

Please note the following:

The Health Departments in each State and Territory provide advice on the process for commercial vessel Masters and Chief Officers to obtain restricted drugs for the purpose of restocking first aid kits and medical cabinets. Please contact the Department of Health in your respective state to confirm their particular requirements.

First aid kits

All vessels must carry at least one portable first aid kit as specified in the table below.

This kit must be:

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Last updated: 23 December 2020