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AMSA coordinating search for missing helicopter

Thursday 28 July 2011

AMSA’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) is currently conducting a search for a helicopter overdue on a flight from Big Rock Dam to Brooking Springs Station (near Fitzroy Crossing) in Western Australia.

Media Release

The helicopter has one person onboard and has not been sighted since departing Big Rock Dam at approximately 5pm (local time) yesterday.

Last night AMSA’s dedicated search and rescue Dornier aircraft out of Darwin conducted a track line and area search covering an area of 400 square nautical miles, with no sightings.

This morning RCC Australia conducted a daylight track line helicopter search followed by an area search using the Dornier aircraft and four helicopters sourced from nearby stations with pilots who are familiar with operating in the local environment.

Search planning for this afternoon includes the use of nine helicopters and three fixed-wing aircraft, including the Perth Dornier.

RCC Australia is working in cooperation with Western Australia Police, and liaising with local residents throughout the search activity.

Local advice and intelligence has been incorporated into search area planning.