Exemption 12—Marine Safety (Inland waters) 2017

1 February 2018

Marine Safety (Inland waters) Exemption 2017 (Exemption 12) is issued under subsection 143(1) of the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law.

Exemption 12 will let you operate beyond the geographic restrictions of your current certificate and may let you command your vessel at a higher level than your current certificate.

You are exempt from the restriction to operate in inshore waters if you hold a: 

  • Coxswain grade 1 near coastal certificate of competency and command or operate the engines of the vessels in inland waters.
  • Master less than 24 meters near coastal certificate of competency and act as a Chief mate or Deck watchkeeper in inland waters.
  • Master less than 35 metres near coastal certificate of competency and are the Master of the vessel in inland waters.


To be suitable for Exemption 12, you must hold one of the following certificates:

How to apply

You do not need to apply for this exemption.

If you are eligible and meet the conditions of the exemption you may operate under this exemption until 2020.


Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Last Updated: 

14 February 2018