Exemption 20—Marine Safety (Special operations) 2017

1 February 2018

Marine Safety (Special operations) Exemption 2017 (Exemption 20) is issued by the National Regulator under the National Law Act 2012 under subsection 143(1) of the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law.

What will this exemption allow me to do?

Exemption 20 will let you operate as a master on a domestic commercial vessel in relation to infrastructure building or maintenance workboat operations. If you have this exemption, you will not need a certificate of competency.


To be suitable for Exemption 20, you must prove to us that you can perform the duties of master of a workboat that is:

  • Less than or equal to 7.5 meters long
  • Less than or equal to 38 kW outboard powered
  • Operating in smooth and inland waters
  • Not carrying passengers
  • Operating within 100 meters from shore, or a structure attached to the shore

You will also need to hold a license required to operate the vessel recreationally in the waters where you are operating.

We may set additional conditions you will need to follow during your operation to take into account the local conditions of the waters.

To operate under this exemption please complete the Miscellaneous form 758, explain in part B that you would like to apply for Marine Safety (Special operations) Exemption 2017 and email it to or post to:

Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Attention: Operations
GPO Box 2181
Canberra ACT 2601


Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Last Updated: 

29 June 2018