National Plan training calendar 2021

Training courses available for responders under the National Plan in 2021.

AMSA continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Given the current advice being received from Government and direction from AMSA Executive, Response Training will be offering limited training courses and workshops at a jurisdictional level only.

Proposed training courses, workshops and professional development events:

2 day nationally accredited AIIMS Courses.

These courses are targeted at persons who are new to incident management:

  • 08-09 March (New South Wales)
  • 22-23 March (Queensland)
  • 25-26 March (Australian Capital Territory)
  • 12-13 April (Western Australia)
  • 19-20 April (Tasmania)
  • 24-25 May (South Australia)
  • 08-09 June (Victoria)

1 day non-accredited Marine Pollution Response skills maintenance workshops.

These workshops are targeted at persons who have already completed incident management training:

  • 24 March (Queensland)
  • 14 April (Western Australia)
  • 15 April (Western Australia)
  • 21 April (Tasmania)
  • 22 April (Tasmania)
  • 26 May (South Australia)
  • 27 May (South Australia)
  • 10 June (Victoria)
  • 11 June (Victoria)

1 day non-accredited Advanced Equipment Operator skills maintenance workshop.

These workshops are targeted at persons that have successfully completed an AMSA Advanced Equipment Operator course:

  • 16 April (Western Australia)
  • 28 April (Queensland) 

2 hour online non-accredited professional development events.

These events are targeted at marine pollution responders that have an interest in the topic/s covered:

  • 04 March: Logistics and Finance Officer Roles and Responsibilities 
  • 11 March: AIIMS and Incident Management
  • 16 April: Intelligence Officer Roles and Responsibilities
  • 22 April: Accessing AMSA Equipment SOPs Online 
  • 14 May: Basic Equipment Operations Refresher
  • 23 June: Advanced Equipment Operations Refresher 

All nominations and / or requests for courses, workshops or professional development events are only accepted from State / Territory / Agency training coordinators. AMSA do not accept requests for nominations and / or courses directly from individuals. If you are not aware of who the appropriate State / Territory / Agency contact is, please contact Response Training on for further information.

Last updated: 

Friday 12 February 2021