Our registered training organisation—scope of registration

Training offered by our registered training organisation is covered by the following nationally recognised units of competence within our scope of registration.


National Plan and marine environment training

Training is delivered under the National Plan and intergovernmental arrangements and is available to our employees and marine pollution responders through their state or territory coordinator.

Further information is available at: National Plan training.

  • PUAOIL202 Use basic equipment operations for oil spill response
  • PUAOIL304 Use advanced equipment operations for oil spill response
  • PUAOIL404 Apply decision making strategies in an oil spill response
  • PUAOPE018 Control a level 2 incident
  • PUAOPE019 Control a level 3 incident
  • PMAOMIR650 Manage a crisis
  • PUAOPE025 Manage planning for a complex incident 
  • PUAOPE023 Manage operations for a level 2 incident
  • PUAOPE024 Manage operations for a level 3 incident
  • PUAOPE022 Manage logistics for a complex incident
  • PSPPCM001 Carry out basic procurement
  • PUAOIL303 Apply health, safety and risk controls when working on oiled shorelines
  • PUAOIL405 Apply oiled shoreline assessment strategies in an oil spill response
  • PUAOIL406 Lead a team in oiled shoreline clean up
  • PUASES012 Work as a team member in an emergency operations centre
  • 22459VIC Course in the Australasian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS)

RTO key contacts

Our RTO Head Office is located at:
82 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon ACT 2612
Phone: 02 6279 5000

RTO Chief Executive Officer  

Mr Mark Morrow, General Manager Response

RTO High Managerial Agent

Mr Jamie Storrie, Manager Crisis Preparedness and Response

RTO contact

Mrs Lynne McWilliam, Senior Officer RTO


Our RTO values your feedback as it provides us with the opportunity to address any concerns and improve the quality of our training and assessment services, including those delivered on our behalf by any third party.

Email your feedback to:

Complaints and appeals

Our RTO manages complaints and appeals in a transparent manner which enables our learners to be informed of, and to understand their rights and obligations.

Our mission and objectives

Our mission is to support our broader organisational vision of ‘safe and clean seas, saving lives’. In supporting this vision, we will aim to deliver high quality training and assessment that meets the needs of our learners and the maritime industry, and is consistent with the Australian Qualifications Framework and complies with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.

Nationally recognised training

RTO Code: 88033

ABN: 65 377 938 320

RTO Type: Enterprise – Government



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Friday 18 September 2020