Safety management system workshops for domestic commercial vessels

Register your interest in upcoming safety management system workshops for domestic commercial vessels.

Our safety management system workshops are aimed to provide knowledge and guidance to owners and operators of domestic commercial vessels. The workshops cover best practice approaches and tools to support the implementation and continuous improvement of safety management system as required in the national law.

Participants will learn how to establish and implement a safety management system that reflects the size and complexity of their specific operation, as well as considering the risks unique to their area of operation. This involves learning:

  • how to conduct a risk assessment
  • putting the outcome of a risk assessment into practice
  • documenting the risk management process.

The workshops are free of charge, but we appreciate it if you register in advance. This will assist us in planning for catering and other aspects of the workshops.

Contact us to register your interest.

Keep checking this page for additional workshops in different locations around Australia.

Last updated: 

Friday 27 July 2018