Australian Vessel Traffic Services award

Nominations are now open for the inaugural Australian Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) award.

The award recognises an outstanding contribution by a VTS beyond their normal operational scope. 

The contribution can be in one or more of the following areas: 

  • the safety of life at sea
  • safety and efficiency of navigation
  • protection of the marine environment.

Key dates

  • Tuesday 3 December 2019—nominations are invited for the 2019 VTS award.
  • Friday 28 February 2020—nomination submissions close at 5 pm EST.
  • April 2020—award recipient/s will be announced.

    Who is eligible for nomination

    The award is for contributions made during 2019. It is open to VTS authorities, VTS centres and individuals employed by a VTS authority. 

    Nomination examples

    The contribution may relate to a particular event or a contribution over a period of time, for example:

    • An event showing how a VTS helped to:
      • prevent an incident from developing
      • prevent an incident from developing into an accident
      • prevent an accident from developing into a disaster
      • prevent the consequences of incidents, accidents and disasters
    • How the VTS helped another agency with a successful response activity (e.g. pollution response).
    • Leadership and innovation that contributed to significant enhancements to the service provided or to the national or international framework for VTS.
    • Demonstrated improvements to safety and/or efficiency, safety culture and delivery of service through performance monitoring.

    Who can make a nomination

    Any person or organisation can nominate for the VTS award.

    Make your nomination by completing the Australian VTS award nomination form. You should include evidence to support your nomination.

    Tips for nominating

    You can help the selection panel by making sure your information is complete. The panel will not contact you for more information. 

    • Briefly explain the situation, the actions taken, and what was achieved.
    • Use plain language and headings.
    • Provide evidence. This may include photographs, reports, letters, witness contact details and multimedia files such as incident replays, voice files or screen captures (be careful not to share information without seeking consent).

    Find a more detailed guide to what you should write in your nomination below.

    Submitting the nomination

    Submissions close at 5 pm on Friday 28 February 2020. 

    The nomination form and supporting evidence can be submitted electronically or in hard copy.

    You can download and print a PDF version of the nomination form (PDF 164 KB).

    The VTS award selection panel is made up of people from AMSA and Australia’s VTS authorities.

    The person making the nomination will receive a message from us advising the nomination has been received.

    Nominations will be judged based on the information provided.

    The decision of the selection panel will be final.

    The award recipient/s will be notified before the presentation of the award to confirm their attendance and other details.

    All nominations will be treated as confidential. The panel will not contact nominees unless asked to do so by the person making the nomination.

    Each selection panel member will have three votes: preferred, second and third.

    These votes will be collated and the highest score will determine the VTS award recipient.

    The award will be presented during the VTS Advisory Group meeting in April 2020.

    If you have any questions about this process you can contact us at

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