AMSA is responsible for ensuring that the NRT is trained and exercised to perform its function. Specifically AMSA will provide training and exercising for the purpose of:

  • Ensuring that core competencies outlined in Appendix A are attained prior to nomination to the NRT are maintained and current.
  • Providing NRT specific training and skills to NRT members. This will generally be in the form of soft skills, e.g. small team leadership, mentoring etc.

Ongoing assurance to NPSCC will be undertaken by AMSA through an appropriate means.

Annual NRT training and exercise program

AMSA will publish an annual program of NRT training activities and exercises prior to the commencement of each financial year. The annual program will be endorsed by the NPSCC on an annual basis.

The States and Northern Territory providing personnel to the NRT will make best endeavours to ensure all NRT personnel from their jurisdiction attend to the programmed NRT training and exercising. Where members of the NRT are unable to attend national training, the State and Northern Territory will be responsible for ensuring that individual undertakes the required currency training. This training will be reported to AMSA.

AMSA will report to NPSCC on the delivery of training and attendance of NRT personnel, as part of the NPSCC capability assurance process.