Marine surveyors accreditation guidance manual

A table of contents to guide you through the different sections of the manual. Find the guidance you need to carry out your duties as a surveyor.

The Marine surveyors accreditation guidance manual helps you maintain your accreditation as a surveyor. It also contains everything you will need when conducting a survey, including forms, and your obligations as a surveyor.

This document is part of the open consultation on the proposed changes to the vessel survey regime arrangements. Have your say by 2 May 2018.

Section 1: Marine surveyor accreditation scheme

Find out about the role of an accredited surveyor and the types of surveys you will carry out once you are accredited. This section is an introduction to the marine surveyor accreditation scheme, and how it relates to the survey activities described in the national standards.

Section 2: Administrative processes—applying for accreditation

How to apply for your accreditation to be a marine surveyor. This section goes into detail about the qualifications you will need, fees and insurance requirements, and the application assessment process.

Section 2: Administrative processes—managing your accreditation

As you complete extra training, or get more qualifications you can apply for recognition under your accreditation. This section tells you how to manage your accreditation, including adding or removing conditions, and renewing, updating, surrendering, suspending or revoking your accreditation.

Section 2: Administrative forms for marine surveyors

You will need these forms to manage your accreditation. Find the right form according to what you need to do, from adding a new category to your accreditation to changing your detials or replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card.

Section 3: Survey and inspection processes—obligations as an accredited surveyor

Find out about your obligations as an accredited surveyor under the national standards. This section goes into detail about what is expected of you during a survey, and how to handle situations such as a conflict of interest.

Section 3: Survey and inspection process—plan and stability approval

If you don't have your own quality management system, this section contains guidance on what kind of plan and stability approval process you should follow. Make sure you are using an auditable methodology when you are assessing and approving plans.

Section 3: Survey and inspection process—initial survey—construction or alteration

Find out about the process you will need to conduct when you are doing an initial survey. This section contains the documentation process you will need to follow and what you are expected to do at each point in the initial survey process on a newly constructed or altered vessel.

Section 3: Survey and inspection process—periodic survey

Find out about the process you will need to conduct when you are doing a periodic survey. This section contains what you should be looking for, the steps involved in undertaking a periodic survey, and what aspects a typical periodic survey will cover.

Section 3: Survey and inspection process—instructions to surveyors

In this section, you will find documents which provide instructions for conducting the survey and inspection process. These documents include marine orders, standing exemptions, the national standards, the uniform shipping laws code and generic equivalent solutions.

Section 3: Survey and inspection process—forms for conducting a survey

You will need to complete different forms depending on what kind of survey you are conducting. In this section, you can access all of the forms you will need, and the definitions for the terminology and codes used in these forms.

Section 4: Help, terms and definitions

In this section, you can access videos, terms, and definitions which give you further explanation to the language used throughout the manual. Find answers to your questions and clarify the terms you will be routinely using as a surveyor.

Last updated: 5 April 2018
Last reviewed: 5 April 2018