MARS user guide—submitting domestic commercial vessel survey reports to AMSA

AMSA 906
6 July 2018

You will only be able to use MARS to enter reports for a survey if the owner has given you the unique code for that survey. We have started sending out these letters, so you may start to see these codes from early July. Once you receive the code, you can claim the survey and submit your reports and supporting documentation in MARS. 

In the meantime please email completed survey reports and supporting documents to

The MARS user guide sets out the process for the submission of surveys reports and recommendations to AMSA relating to domestic commercial vessels which are applying for, or hold, a certificate of survey, a load line certificate, or an Exemption 40 approval.

If you are a surveyor—logging in to the MARS system

  • If you are a surveyor, we will send you a user name and temporary password for MARS.
  • To access MARS, you will need to download and install a security code app on your computer or smart phone. This will provide you with authenticated access to MARS.
  • You will then need to email with the unique 'credential ID' from the app.
  • We will then register this 'credential ID' against your user name and security settings.
  • After that, you will be able to login to MARS for the first time.


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Last Updated: 

10 July 2018