Temporary crewing permits

You may be able to operate temporarily below the minimum crewing requirements that apply to the vessel.

Temporary crewing permits may be issued for up to three months. If issued, it is AMSA’s expectation  that the operator will revert to full compliance on expiry of the permit. 

In applying for a temporary crewing permit, you must: 

  • specify the period for which the temporary crewing permit is required (noting the maximum period is 90 days) 
  • include a statement outlining why you are unable to comply with the minimum crewing  requirements 
  • demonstrate how the vessel will be operated safely with less than the minimum crewing that would otherwise apply to the vessel 
  • provide a copy of a risk assessment completed as a result of the risks that you have  considered and controls you have put in place in relation to carrying out the proposed operation below minimum crewing 

To apply for a temporary crewing permit, you must complete an application for temporary crewing form 779 and submit with the Risk Assessment to

Last updated: 

Friday 1 April 2022