Temporary operations or extension to survey date

If special circumstances require you to get an extension of your survey deadline, you can apply for Exemption 06 or 07.

You may consider applying for Marine Safety (Periodic survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment) Exemption 2017 (Exemption 06) to seek an exemption from the conditions on a certificate of survey requiring a periodic survey or compass adjustment to be conducted by a particular date, or where a certificate of currency for equipment will be expiring. 

How to apply for Exemption 06

  1. Submit the Exemption 06—operate outside certificate of survey conditions application form 776.
  2. Pay any required fees.
  3. Applications and payments must be made to your local marine safety agency

Exemption 07

If you are seeking to operate a vessel after the vessel’s certificate of survey has expired, you may apply for approval under the Marine Safety (Temporary Operations) Exemption 2016 (Exemption 07). 

How to apply for Exemption 07

Complete Exemption 07—temporary operations exemption application form 777.

Last updated: 16 November 2017
Last reviewed: 16 November 2017