Australian regulation of large yachts, training vessels and LY3 code

The LY3 code applies to super yachts and training vessels and details the conventions these vessels must comply with in Australia.

The LY3 code was developed by the Red Ensign Group, a steering committee and working group including yachting associations, builders, naval architects, and administrations under the Red Ensign Group.

We are also a corresponding member of the Red Ensign Group.

Australian implementation of the LY3 code

We implement the LY3 code using Marine Order 52 (Yachts and training vessels) 2016 supported by the Australian national annex (PDF 488.6 KB) which was introduced 1 March 2016.

New large yachts and training vessels

Built after 1 March 2016. These vessels must comply with Marine Order 52 (Yachts and training vessels) 2016.

Large yachts will still have to comply with all other international conventions related to a vessel of its size and operations not altered by the marine order.

Existing Australian vessels certified under the Navigation Act

Currently certified under:

Vessels may continue to be certified unless the vessel has been significantly changed or altered.

Vessels seeking LY3 code certification

Vessels that are not built after 1 March 2016 or currently certified under Marine Order 31 (Vessel survey and certification) or Marine Order 52 (Sailing ships) can apply to have their vessel certified under the LY3 code. Operators will need to arrange a gap analysis with a recognised organisation to find out what they need to do to be compliant.

If the vessel cannot be compliant because of the way it was built or the arrangement of the vessel, we will decide if it will allow an equivalent solution so that the vessel can then be made compliant under the LY3 code.

Large yachts must still comply with the other international conventions of its size and operations where these are not altered by Marine Order 52 (Sailing ships), the LY3 code and associated Australian national annex.

How does Marine Order 52 (Yachts and training vessels) 2016 apply to foreign large yachts?

If your foreign flagged large yacht arrives at an Australian port, it may be inspected. It is the operator and flag states responsibility to make sure that your large yacht is appropriately surveyed, certified and maintained. Australia has requirements for commercial vessels as required by our marine orders.

When you are inspected, the super yacht must follow one of the following:

  • Comply with all the international conventions that apply to a foreign flagged vessel of its size and operations.
  • Have evidence issued by the flag state saying that the vessel is seaworthy if an international convention does not apply to the vessel because of its size.
  • Be certified as a large yacht under the LY3 code or another contemporary code adopted by the flag state.
  • If it does not carry evidence issued by the flag state that it has been certified as a commercially operating large yacht, the LY3 code will be used to determine compliance of the vessel.

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Monday 15 March 2021