Monthly incident report

Each month we compile a summary of the domestic commercial vessel incidents that have been reported to us.

The information you provide in your incident report plays an important part in guiding the way we improve maritime safety for everybody on the water.

By reporting marine incidents to us, you are also meeting your reporting obligations under Australian laws.

April 2019 incidents

Location Vessel type Incident
Queensland Passenger Vessel collided with speed boat. No injuries occurred.
Queensland Non-passenger Passenger became unwell on board fishing charter and died.
Queensland Passenger Vessel collided with a snorkeler resulting in minor injuries. Assistance and first aid administered.
Queensland Passenger Collision occurred between a recreational and passenger vessel resulting in two injuries. The injured occupants were transported to hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.
Queensland Hire and drive Hire vessel flooded and sunk during charter. Unfortunately the vessel could not be salvaged.
Queensland Hire and drive Bung was removed to drain water, but unfortunately not replaced leading to water ingress and capsizing of vessel. Vessel was salvaged.
Queensland Fishing (Commercial) Master sustained severe injuries after being struck by equipment, first aid was administered and bleeding controlled. Master was further treated in hospital.

Last updated: 

Friday 24 May 2019