Port State control inspection common loadline issues

A loadline or waterline are lines on the side of a ship's hull that show where a ship can be legally loaded to. 

There is ship equipment related to the loadline that ensures weathertight integrity, boyancy, structure strength and crew protection for the safety of the ship, people and the environment.

Self-closing mechanisms on air-pipes that are not working are a common deficiency found during inspections.

Ballast tank vent on the deck of a ship has a hole.

Ballast tank head vent on a ship is rusted and not working.

Hatch securing on a ship not aligning

When checking loadline components regularly and before an inspection, make sure to check:

  • Tank air pipe closing arrangements work.
  • Hatch securing arrangements work.
  • Hatch sealing arrangements work.
  • The structure of the ship is in good shape.

If any of these are found to be deficient, your ship may be detained.

Last updated: 17 November 2017
Last reviewed: 17 November 2017