Exemption 2—Marine Safety (Certificates of survey)

All domestic commercial vessels are required to have a national law certificate of survey unless they are exempt under:

  • Exemption 2 – Marine Safety (Certificates of survey)
  • Exemption 40 – Marine Safety (Class C restricted operations).

There are two versions of Exemption 2:

  • EX02 Marine Safety (Certificates of survey) 2017 (No.2) – in force until 30 June 2018
  • EX02 Marine Safety (Certificates of survey) 2018 – effective 1 July 2018.

To apply for Exemption 2, you must complete an Application for approval of a non-survey vessel AMSA form 579.

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 18 June 2018
Last reviewed: 18 June 2018