Benefits of registering your ship

Some of the benefits of registering your vessel on the Australian general shipping register.

Registration of title in the vessel

When you register your vessel the ownership cannot be reversed by the holder of an earlier interest. If you were aware of a holder of an earlier interest when you purchased the vessel, you may lose your ownership of the vessel. The title of your vessel is recorded on the register.

Australian nationality for the vessel

If you vessel is on the high seas, under international law it needs to have nationality. When your vessel is registered it receives Australian protection on the high seas and in foreign ports.

Ability to sail overseas

It is an offence to sail your Australian-owned vessel to a foreign port unless it is registered on the Australian general shipping register. If you purchase your vessel overseas, it must be registered before you sail for Australia or another foreign country.

Ease of re-sale

Registration may make re-sale easier and can add value to your vessel because the purchaser can be assured of ‘good title’.

Last updated: 

Monday 22 October 2018