Cost recovery levy for the national system

In the future, if you own or operate a domestic commercial vessel you may be required to pay a levy. This levy is charged to recover the costs of delivering national system services.

About the proposed levy

The Government’s proposed levy model and is not yet law. For the levy to commence it must be set out in legislation and passed by the Australian Parliament. Legislation is expected to be introduced in 2018.

Download the proposed cost recovery levy model (PDF 270 KB). 

The levy will be charged annually to the holder of vessel permissions, including:

  • Certificate of survey
  • Non-survey approval (EX02)
  • Restricted C approval (EX40), or
  • A holder of another exemption that allows the vessel to operate.

Subsidising the levy

Australian governments have agreed to provide over $102.4 million to support industry in transitioning to a national service.

As part of this funding package there will be no levy charged in the first year. The subsidised levy will commence in 2019 with the subsidy decreasing over time.

Determining the expected levy payable

The total levy charge is calculated using a combination of a variable and fixed fee.

Charges are based on a combination of vessel class, length and area of operation.

Vessels falling into more than one class will pay the higher of the levy rates.

Charges include an indicative 2.5 per cent consumer price index (CPI) increase for each year.

Identifying a vessel’s length for calculations

If your vessel:

  • has a certificate of survey you can use the length specified on your certificate.
  • is not subject to a certificate of survey you can use the length specified on your exemption approval.

If the length cannot be determined by a certificate of survey or exemption you can use the measured length of the vessel. This is calculated based on the length on deck, in metres or 0.96 times the length overall, in metres—whichever is the greater.

Find out your vessel service category.

Example of how you may be charged

The table below presents the proposed levy model and expected charges for the first five years commencing with a zero levy in 2018-19, and with the government subsidy applied. 

If you own a 10-metre fishing vessel operating offshore and not beyond 30 nautical miles, your vessel is classified as a class 3C vessel. This is how you may be charged:

  Description 2018–19 2019–20 2020–21 2021–22 2022–23
Fixed charge

Class 3

Area C

7.5-12 metres

0 $29 $69 $111 $128
Rate per metre

Class 3

Vessel length = 10 metres

0 $6 x 10 metres = $60 $14 x 10 metres = $140 $22 x 10 metres = $220 $26 x 10 metres = $260
Total levy charge Fixed + rate per metre 0 $89 $209 $331 $388

Standardised fees for services 

From 1 July 2018 fees for national system services will be the same across all states of Australia.

Fees for service will be charged from 1 July 2018 and will be published on our website as soon as they are available.

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Last updated: 17 April 2018
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