We want to develop new safety equipment lists for small commercial fishing vessels operating in warm waters.

Our consultation closed on 30 November 2020. Thank you to everyone for their feedback. We are reviewing the feedback and preparing the consultation report. Look out for new safety equipment lists in 2021.

Definition of warm waters for this determination

Warm waters for this determination are waters with a minimum year-round temperature of above 20 degrees Celsius. These waters extend from the internal waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria south to Ballina. This includes parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory and northern New South Wales.

We want to hear from you if you:
operate or work on a commercial fishing vessel that is less than 12 metres in length and:

You are a single-handed operation.


Operating in waters with wave heights of 1.5m or less.


Operating in warm waters from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Ballina.


Operating within two nautical miles of land or in a beach fishery.

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Next steps

We will use your feedback to help us consider the relevant risks, and if any more changes are needed to the draft alternative safety equipment lists.