AMSA prepares for a year of reform

Tuesday 2 October 2012
Maritime legislation passed by the Australian Parliament this year will dramatically change the Australian maritime regulatory landscape in 2013.
Media Release

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) will become the national regulator for all domestic commercial vessels in Australia, with state and Northern Territory maritime agencies exercising AMSA delegations in administering national standards.

The new Navigation Act 2012 will modernise the way international shipping is regulated by AMSA, providing for high levels of safety and protection of the marine environment through transparent and flexible regulation.

In preparation for these changes, Mr Graham Peachey, AMSA’s Chief Executive Officer has announced several adjustments to AMSA’s organisational structure.

The Regulatory Affairs and Reform Division will become the Domestic Vessel Division. The division will administer the national law; maintain and develop national standards; coordinate training and safety education; provide a support function to industry; and liaise with industry and government. Mr John Fladun will continue in his role as General Manager.

The Maritime Standards Division will become the Navigation Safety & International Division, to more accurately reflect its focus on regulating navigation safety standards and operations, adopting international convention standards for Australia and leading AMSA’s international engagement, including technical cooperation with nations and international bodies such as the International Maritime Organization. Mr Brad Groves will continue in his role as General Manager.

The Maritime Operations Division will become the Ship Safety Division, to more accurately reflect its focus on regulating ship and seafarer safety. Mr Allan Schwartz will continue in his role as General Manager.

A new Corporate Relations Division will be established, consolidating AMSA’s communication, media, industry, government and parliamentary support functions. In response to increasing community interest in AMSA’s maritime safety, marine environment protection and search and rescue activities, the division will focus on enhancing engagement with industry and the broader Australian community. Mr Malcolm Larsen will become the Acting General Manager.


The new division will be coordinating a series of ‘AMSA Community Information Days’, between October and November this year in all capital cities and regional centres.

These information days will cover a wide range of maritime reforms including the new Navigation Act, the National Law, and Maritime Labour Convention. Location and venue details will be available on the AMSA website in the next few days.

A new organisational chart and Executive contact details can be found on our website.