Don’t wait to order your float-free EPIRB

Monday 23 November 2020
Some domestic commercial vessel operators have advised that they are having difficulties in procuring a float-free EPIRB.
beacon floating free

Stock of float-free EPIRBs is still available at some retailers. Operators having difficulty in purchasing one are therefore encouraged to shop around. If you cannot source one, we strongly recommend that you place an order with a supplier now. A new shipment is due into Australia shortly, so don’t wait, order your float-free EPIRB today.

From 1 January 2021, AMSA Inspectors will be checking. If you have ordered a float-free EPIRB but it hasn’t arrived and been installed, ensure that you keep evidence of purchase, such as a receipt or invoice onboard your vessel.

All EPIRBs need to be registered with AMSA.

Read more about the EPIRB requirements.