Have your say—alternatives to carrying a float-free EPIRB, for vessels less than 7.5 metres

Wednesday 12 December 2018
We are seeking your feedback on alternative options to carrying a float-free EPIRB on domestic commercial vessels less than 7.5 metres long without level flotation, operating in offshore or restricted offshore waters.
Float-free EPIRB

We acknowledge that it may not be practical or feasible to carry of float-free EPIRB on these kind of vessels and have proposed several alternative options. We would also like feedback on any other alternative options that operators consider will achieve an equivalent or acceptable level of safety.

The options we propose include:

  • Option 1: carry a float-free EPIRB (no alternative)
  • Option 2: wear a personal locator beacon (PLB), in addition to carrying a manually activating EPIRB
  • Option 3: carry a manually activating EPIRB and wear a lifejacket
  • Option 4: carry a manually activating EPIRB in a buoyant storage device

The consultation is open until Thursday 28 February 2019. 

Read the consultation paper and have your say.

Read the new float-free EPIRB requirements.