National Safe Boating Week runs from 26 September—2 October 2020  

Friday 25 September 2020
Safety—you’ve got to live it. 

Join us each day this week as we explore different aspects of safe boating—from before you even set off, through to safety out on the water. 

Safety comes in many forms—making sure your boat is fit for purpose, knowing your local rules and regulations, having the right safety equipment, wearing a lifejacket, trip planning, letting others know where you are going, and staying up to date with the latest safety practices and weather forecasts. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it starts with how you live and boat safely. 

We are all drawn to the magnificent places our coastlines and inland waters have to offer, but let’s face it, it makes sense to think about what you can do to keep you, and those around you safe. 

When you go out on the water—whether it’s for a bit of fishing with the kids, jet skiing, or making a living—put safety first. 

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