New operational safety requirements

Wednesday 27 June 2018
On 1 July 2018, the new Marine Order 504 (Certificates of operation and operation requirements – national law) Marine Order 504 will commence.

The changes to arrangements include:

  • incorporating technical standards into Marine Order 504 (NSCV Part E Operations and the operational requirements of NSCV Part F Special Vessels)
  • clarifying appropriate crewing requirements for domestic commercial vessels
  • incorporating two general exemptions (Exemption 28 and Exemption 09) on crewing will also be incorporated into Marine Order 504 to further reduce the complexity of the regulatory framework
  • ending transitional arrangements for operational requirements will end from 1 July 2018, with the exception of crewing (which remains ‘grandfathered’ for existing vessels)
  • clarifying crewing arrangements and replacing ‘core complement’ with a simpler concept of ‘minimum crewing’
  • simplifying operational requirements, including linkages to the requirement to have a safety management system
  • minor or editorial changes to align language in the marine order with the National Law and State and Territory Work Health and Safety laws.

As a result of the changes to Marine Order 504, minor consequential amendments have been made to following documents:

  • Marine Safety (Certificates of operation) Exemption 03
  • Marine Safety (Emergency services vessels) Exemption 24
  • Marine Safety (Unpowered barges) Exemption 41
  • NSCV Part B (General requirements)
  • NSCV Part F1B (Category 1 fast craft)
  • NSCV Part F1C (Category 2 fast craft)
  • NSCV Part F2 (Leisure vessels)
  • NSCV Part G

The consultation feedback report is now available. The report outlines all submissions received during external consultation, and our responses to each submission.