Tender now open for YM Efficiency salvage

Friday 9 August 2019
Preparations are underway to secure a contract for recovery of containers that fell overboard southeast of Newcastle last year from the cargo ship YM Efficiency, owned by Taiwanese company Yang Ming.
YM Efficiency salvage operation

Searches including remote underwater surveys have identified 66 containers, five have been removed and 15 are yet to be found.

The tender is open until mid-September. Information is available on Austender.

We are seeking to recover all costs from the vessel owners, Yang Ming and their insurers, for the survey and recovery operation.

We’re also continuing our work with the local community including local fishing operators, whose livelihoods have be severely hampered by the incident.

Once the contract is awarded, information sessions will be held for people living and working in the community, on how the operation will be carried out and the risk mitigation of debris and pollution both on and offshore. 

For any further queries about the YM Efficiency tender, please contact AMSA’s Procurement and Contracting section at