AMSA update March 2018 edition

Read about updates to exemptions, new resources on the AMSA website, NAV18 keynote speaker Kate D Adamson, as well as the latest in domestic commercial vessel incidents.
2 March 2018
AMSA update

Read about updates to exemptions, new resources on the AMSA website, NAV18 keynote speaker Kate D Adamson, as well as the latest in domestic commercial vessel incidents.

In this issue:

Updates to Exemption 06: Periodic survey, equipment certification and compass adjustment

From 1 April 2018 updates to Exemption 06 will provide more flexibility around the timing of equipment certification, vessel survey and load line inspections.

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Updates to Exemption 07: temporary operations

From 1 April 2018, updates to Exemption 07 will expand the circumstances in which vessel owners may seek AMSA's approval to operate temporarily without a certificate of survey, certificate of operation or load line certificate.

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Working Boats magazine out now

Working Boats February 2018
The February 2018 edition of Working Boats magazine features iconic paddle wheelers along the Murray River.

We also explore the future of unmanned and autonomous vessels and delve into the dangers of cold water shock.

Read Working Boats online or pick up a hard copy from your local AMSA office.

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Fishing vessel stability
A guide to fishing vessel stability

A new webpage and booklet about fishing vessel stability are now available on the AMSA website to assist operators identify and manage stability hazards.

The fishing vessel stability webpage addresses common stability hazards, such as vessel modifications, overloading, and snagging of fishing gear.

For greater detail download A guide to fishing vessel stability (PDF 2.79 MB) (PDF).

Printed copies will be available at your local AMSA office shortly.

February incidents

Three serious incidents were reported to AMSA in February 2018.

  • A fire broke out in the engine room of a domestic commercial vessel. The fire was extinguished and the vessel was then towed back to the wharf for further monitoring and investigation. The cause of fire was unknown.
  • Two people were rescued from a fishing vessel after the vessel caught fire. Smoke was first detected coming from the wheelhouse. The vessel sank, with 1800 litres of diesel on board.
  • A fishing vessel ran aground with three people on board. No injuries were reported.

Report a marine incident relating to a domestic commercial vessel.

What will the future maritime industry look like?

From robotics to abundant energy, synthetic biology, breakthrough technology, and the infinite extension of human life, the world is likely to change more in the coming decades than it has done for centuries.

Kate Adamson Keynote speaker at Nav18

The impact on human lives and experiences—health, education, work, security, finance, government, defence, communities, ethics, belief systems and ideologies—will be immense.

Yet most people have yet to grasp the enormity of the change coming their way.

NAV18 keynote speaker Kate D Adamson is an expert on the growth and impact of how technology will transform our lives radically in the coming decades.

Working with companies and organisations in high-tech manufacturing and shipping, electronics, feature film, pharmaceuticals, advertising, publishing and the European Union (EU), Kate will offer NAV18 attendees a visionary perspective on the threats and opportunities we face.

'A range of global megatrends are colliding headlong with breakthrough technologies experiencing exponential growth. The effect of these, together with new generational mindsets, is accelerating change and creating disruption on a previously unthinkable scale.'

Kate is the CEO of Futurenautics—a company founded by the world's leading expert on the maritime future. They have an intimate understanding of the immediate challenges for those leading, financing and transforming shipping and maritime companies.

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