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Equipment guidance notices for surveyed vessels

Find equipment guides for class 1, 2 and 3 vessels that hold a certificate of survey.


These are guides to the equipment standards and requirements that apply to various classes of vessels under the National Law.

The full requirements are to be found in the various NSCV C7 subsections.

These were previously known as ‘equipment lists’ and have been revised to:

  • Separate items into mandatory safety equipment, and other equipment that may apply depending on a vessel’s survey status.
  • Include safety equipment items for existing vessels that are mandatory as of 1/1/2018. These are from the C7A 'Annex I - transitional arrangements for existing vessels'.
 Safety equipmentOther equipment
NewPart 1Part 2
TransitionalPart 1Part 2
Existing vessels operating before 1 July 2013Part 1The standards that applied to the vessel on 30 June 2013
Existing vessels not operating
before 1 July 2013 
Part 1The standards that applied at the time
of design approval

‘New’, ‘transitional’ and ‘existing’ vessels are defined in section 22 of marine order 503.

NOTE: Existing vessels should continue to carry equipment as previously required (apart from safety equipment), and may also choose to carry the “other equipment” in Part 2.

This equipment guide is general in nature and may not apply to your individual circumstances. Factors including the application of Exemption 02 or Exemption 40, and whether the vessel was an existing commercial vessel before 1 July 2013, may mean that different equipment standards apply to your vessel. Vessel owners should confirm on a case by case basis that they carry the required equipment for the vessels particular circumstances and operations for which they are engaged.

Vessels 500 GT and over surveyed under NSCV must also comply with the requirements in marine order 25.

The latest updates to the guides were published on 9 October 2023.

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