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Coastal pilot continuing professional development (CPD) framework update—advisory note

This Pilot Advisory Note (PAN) updates AMSA-licensed coastal pilots and pilotage providers on the implementation of our revised requirements for continuing professional development (CPD) for the purposes of coastal pilot licence renewal.

This PAN sets out the AMSA-approved CPD framework for coastal pilots which commenced in February 2019.


Marine Order 54 (Coastal pilotage) 2014 (MO54) provides in section 61(1)(c) that one of the criteria for the renewal of a pilot licence is that the person holding the licence has “completed continuing professional development to the satisfaction of AMSA within the 4 years before applying for the renewal”.

A revised and enhanced CPD framework for coastal pilots was developed following extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders including pilots, pilotage providers and training providers. The framework aligns with practices in other responsible professions and addresses community expectations associated with the performance of pilotage duties.


The AMSA-approved CPD framework described in this PAN meets AMSA’s satisfaction for the purposes of MO54 section 61(1)(c). 

This framework aims to improve professional standards, skills and knowledge deemed appropriate for the conduct of coastal pilotage operations, via attendance at contemporary training (including simulation training), peer-to-peer interaction and potential engagement with appropriate professional bodies.

The framework is points-based and requires the accumulation of a minimum number of CPD points (40) in the four year period prior to applying for the renewal of a coastal pilot licence. The four year rolling period for CPD points accrual accords with the CPD timeline outlined in MO54 section 61(1)(c). Further details of the CPD points accrual requirements in the context of pilot licence validity are provided below.

Points can be accrued via the completion of training and/or activities chosen from three main categories (Industry, Courses/Training and Vocational). The list of approved activities is shown at Annex A to this PAN.

The list of training and activities which can accrue CPD points will remain dynamic. Activities may be included/removed as proposed by pilots and/or providers, subject to AMSA’s approval (*see ‘Key points’ below).

Key points

Attention is drawn to the following key points:

Implementation schedule:

The revised coastal pilotage CPD framework commenced in February 2019. Coastal pilots are required to undertake CPD activities to achieve the minimum CPD points required henceforth.

Essentially, coastal pilots will have a minimum of four years to achieve 40 points of approved CPD activity from 1 February 2019, however AMSA will apply the new CPD compliance requirements when processing licence renewal applications from 1 February 2021 onwards. 

This means that coastal pilots must accrue a minimum of 20 points of approved CPD activity from 1 February 2019 until each licence is due for renewal thereafter (in accordance with the prevailing two-year licence cycle period), including the completion of the approved coastal pilot CPD simulation training course at least once every two years.

Please also see the ‘Guidance notes’ below for further information about CPD points accrual requirements in the context of the timing of future licence renewals. 

Annex A and guidance notes (PDF 325 KB)

Last review date

21 September 2020