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Exemption 15—Marine Safety (Scientific research and educational activities)

You do not need to apply to use this exemption unless you wish to use it outside the Great Barrier Reef Region, Torres Strait Zone, smooth waters or partially smooth waters.  

You will need to keep all the supporting documents on board and ready to be presented to authorities if required.

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 15 allows you to perform duties on a domestic commercial vessel up to 7.5m long used for scientific or educational activities without a certificate of competency, provided: 

You are eligible for Exemption 15 if the master of the vessel:

You may conduct these specified scientific research or educational activities only in: 

To apply to operate in ‘other waters’ for the purposes of Exemption 15, please complete and submit AMSA form 758 to with the following information:

AMSA policy is that an approval would not be issued if the proposed ‘other waters’ have higher environmental risks than those permitted by the exemption.

Legislation and incorporated material

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