Superseded and repealed marine safety exemptions

These general exemptions are now superseded or repealed. Superseded and repealed exemptions may affect how the national system works for you.

There are exemptions you may be eligible for under the national system. These exemptions will change depending on changes in the national law and national system.

EX05 Marine safety (tenders and auxiliary vessels) exemption

EX07 Marine safety (restricted use flags) exemption

EX08 Marine safety (temporary service) exemption

EX09 Marine Safety (temporary crewing)

EX11 Marine safety (heritage vessels) exemption

EX12 Marine safety (inland waters) exemption

EX19 Marine safety (school vessels) exemption

EX20 Marine safety (special operations) exemption

EX26 Marine safety (expired certificates) exemption

EX27 Marine safety (bait gathering) exemption

EX28 Marine safety (NSCV parts E and F) exemption

EX28 Marine safety (safety management systems) exemption

EX29 Marine safety (recording activities) exemption

EX30 Marine safety (Navigation Act seafarer qualifications) exemption

EX32 Marine safety (Jurien Bay harbour entrance) exemption

EX34 Marine safety (expired perpetual certificates) exemption

EX35 Marine safety (flyboards) exemption

EX37 Marine Safety (Dragon boats) exemption 

EX38 Marine Safety (Low complexity duties) exemption

EX38 (Waters) approval

EX44 (Domestic commercial vessels - EIAPP certificate)

EX45 (General Purpose Hand) exemption

  • In force 1 January 2023–21 December 2023

EX46 (Coxswain Grade 3) exemption

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Last updated: 1 January 2024