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Contact details for our head office, emergency services, media, or state offices.

AMSA Connect

AMSA Connect is our central contact centre. You can contact us from Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm (excluding national public holidays):

  • Shipping Registration Office
  • Ship operations and qualifications
  • Domestic commercial vessels
  • General enquiries

Email us

Within Australia
1800 627 484

Outside Australia
+61 2 6279 5000

Distress beacons
and MMSI enquiries
(Monday to Friday
9 am to 5 pm)
1800 406 406

AMSA head office

Courier address

82 Northbourne Avenue
Braddon ACT 2612

Postal address

GPO Box 2181
Canberra ACT 2601

Search and rescue

If this is an emergency, please call 000 for help.

For assistance with search and rescue services, please call us.


24-hour helpline
Within Australia: 1800 815 257 
Outside Australia: +61 2 6230 6899


24-hour helpline
Within Australia: 1800 641 792
Outside Australia: +61 2 6230 6811

Report marine pollution incidents and unsafe vessels

Marine pollution incidents

24-hour helpline
Within Australia: 1800 641 792
Outside Australia: +61 2 6230 6811

You can report a general marine pollution incident. Find out more about reporting a marine pollution incident.

See marine pollution (MARPOL) reporting for ships reporting pollution or potential incidents in accordance with MARPOL requirements.

Unsafe vessels and major deficiencies

Report an unsafe vessel or major deficiency to us during and outside of business hours.

Media enquiries

Contact our media team on phone number +61 1300 624 633 during regular Australian business hours, or email We will respond outside of business hours during search and rescue operations and emergencies.

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State offices, marine safety agencies, and post offices

Contact details for our state and territory offices

Contact details for marine safety agencies around Australia

Participating Australia Post retail outlets

Guidance for deceased estates

Deceased certificate holders, accredited agents and registered operators

We understand it can be a difficult time when managing the affairs for a deceased estate. If this person was the holder of an AMSA certificate, accreditation or registration, then AMSA must be notified as soon as practical after the person passes away.

Who to contact

Our AMSA Connect customer service team are available to assist you on 1800 627 484 or , Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Australia-wide.

A single point of contact will be assigned to your case to assist and guide you through the process of updating details, making it as easy as possible for you.

What I need to know

The information below describes the process for changing and updating details so you know what to expect when you call us. The steps will depend on the type of permissions, certificates, accreditation or registration held by the person or their vessel.

You will also be asked to provide evidence indicating that the certificate/registration holder is deceased. This evidence may include:

  • a copy of the death certificate or a copy of the Will/Probate
  • a copy of a funeral notice
  • a letter from a solicitor or state Trustee and Guardian advising that the person is deceased
  • a copy of the coroner’s report
  • a 'presumption of Death Order' issued by the Supreme Court in the case of a missing person presumed deceased.

Holder of a certificate of competency

If the deceased person is the holder of a certificate of competency, then the certificate will need to be revoked as this type of certificate cannot transfer from one person to another. This can be done by contacting AMSA Connect.

Holder of a certificate of operation

If the deceased person is the holder of a certificate of operation, then the certificate will need to be revoked as this type of certificate cannot transfer from one person to another. The new operator (if applicable) must make an application for a new certificate of operation, which includes a declaration made by the applicant regarding their status as a fit and proper person to conduct the proposed operation.

Application for a certificate of operation form 504

Application to suspend or revoke a certificate or approval form 600

Holder of a certificate of survey (or other vessel permission)

If the deceased person is the holder of a certificate of survey or other vessel permission, the process and actions required will depend on the type of ownership arrangements—company, sole trader, trust or individual.

In most cases, it will be possible to vary the certificate of survey or other vessel permissions for the new owner if the vessel will continue to be operated as a domestic commercial vessel. If the vessel will no longer be used for commercial purposes, then the executor of the estate should apply to have the certificate of survey or vessel permission revoked.

Application to vary a vessel certificate or approval form 566

Application to suspend or revoke a certificate or approval form 600

Owner of a ship on the Australian General Shipping Register

If the deceased person is the registered owner of a vessel on the Australian General Shipping Register, then the ownership of the ship must be transmitted to the beneficiary, by operation of law, as set out in the will of the deceased or in letters of administration. If the vessel is sold during the distribution of assets for the estate of the deceased, the executor/s may sign the Bill of Sale on behalf of the deceased.

Owner of a beacon or maritime mobile service identity (MMSI)

If the deceased person was the owner of a beacon or MMSI, the register will need to be updated depending on the situation. AMSA will need to know if the device has been sold, given away, destroyed or placed into storage. If the device has been sold or given away we will require the new owner’s name, address and phone number.

Change of ownership registration form

What you will receive from AMSA

Your single point of contact within AMSA will liaise with business areas on your behalf to ensure all relevant requirements are completed. They will contact you if there are any issues or further requirements.

You will also receive confirmation that all processes have been finalised and closed.

Feedback and complaints about AMSA

Where you believe we have not met your expectations or not conducted ourselves as outlined in our service charter, we support your right to make a complaint.

Read more about making a complaint.

Scams and suspicious activity

From time to time we may contact you—but you should be wary of unexpected contact claiming to be from us and asking for personal or financial information.

Read more to report or verify a scam.