Port State control

While in an Australian port, your ship may be subject to inspection. If your ship is found to have deficiencies, it may be detained until the issue is resolved.

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About Port State control in Australia

Your ship may be selected for a random inspection while in an Australian port. Find out about port State control, ship detention, and what to expect when in an Australian port.

Port State control inspections

What to expect before, during and after a ship inspection in an Australian port. Be prepared and compliant before you arrive.

Common port State control deficiencies

We often find the same deficiencies over and over on different ships during a port State control inspection. Your ship may be detained if we find these deficiencies.

Port State control annual reports

Every year we publish our port State control activities in a report. These reports include our annual ship inspection, detentions and release statistics.

Ship detentions

Information about ships detained in Australian ports, including details of detainable deficiencies.

Port State control