Refusal of access list and letters of warning list

These vessels have been given direction by us not to enter or use an Australian port.
Vessel name
(IMO number)
FlagDirectionIssue dateExpire
Media release providing details of Direction issued
Vega Auriga (IMO 9347789)LiberiaRefused access for 3 months25/8/201425/11/2014Media release—27 August 2014
Territory Trader (IMO 8812899)IndonesiaRefused access for 3 months24/11/201418/2/2015Media release—25 November 2014
Meratus Sangatta (IMO 9116797)IndonesiaRefused access for 3 months9/1/20156/4/2015Media release—9 January 2015
Red Rover  (IMO 8912900)IndonesiaRefused access for 12 months31/1/1531/1/16Media release—31 January 2015
Noah Satu (IMO 9313620)IndonesiaRefused access for 3 months15/9/201516/12/2015Media release—21 September 2015
Noah Satu (IMO 9313620)IndonesiaRefused access for 12 months29/1/201629/1/2017Media release—7 February 2016

Five Stars Fujian (IMO 9402287)

Hong KongRefused access for 12 months1/9/20161/9/2017Media release—1 September 2016
Kiunga Chief (IMO 9195119)Papua New GuineaRefused access for 3 months30/5/201730/8/2017Media release—5 June 2017
Rena (IMO 9464780)BahamasRefused access for 6 months03/08/201703/02/2018Media release—3 August 2017
DL Carnation (IMO 9618680)PanamaRefused access for 12 months14/09/201714/09/2018Media release—14 September 2017
MSC Kia Ora (IMO 9364344)LiberiaRefused access for 3 months25/3/201825/6/2018Media release—25 March 2018
Thorco Luna (IMO 9699957) PhilippinesRefused access for 3 months08/6/201808/09/2018Media release—8 June 2018
Shandong Hai Wang (IMO 9591557)Hong KongRefused access for 12 months12/07/201812/07/2019Media release—12 July 2018

Vessels and operators issued a letter of warning in relation to serious deficiencies

These vessels and operators have been issued a letter of warning in relation to serious deficiencies. The compliance history of vessels and their operators, and the seriousness of deficiencies, are matters that AMSA takes into consideration under its Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Protocols and during inspection planning.  AMSA may take further compliance action, including issuing directions refusing access, to Australian ports, of vessels operated by operators who do not take action to address any systemic issues that led to the deficiencies identified by AMSA.    

Vessel Name

(IMO Number)



Issue date

Date closed1

Details of deficiencies

Details of serious deficiencies

Action taken in relation to serious deficiencies

Xing Ning Hai

(IMO 9728332)

Hong Kong

Dalian Ocean Prosperity Int'l Ship Management Co.Ltd

30 July 2018



Some crew wages unpaid for six months   

Vessel attended by flag supported by AMSA. The flag state took action to bring the vessel into compliance and are following up with the operator.

All outstanding wages were paid prior to attendance by flag or AMSA

Warning letter issued by AMSA

Note 1: This will be closed on the date shown (which will be entered when AMSA is satisfied there is no evidence of ongoing systemic issues) or 24 months after issue, whichever is sooner.

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Thursday 2 August 2018