Who we work with

We contribute to the continuous improvement and development of maritime safety, environmental management, and emergency response systems in our region and globally. To do this, we collaborate with stakeholders and agree ways of working together through memoranda of understanding, intergovernmental agreements, and interagency agreements.

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Committees and groups

We play a role in international, regional and domestic working groups and committees. These groups help us collaborate and communicate with our regional neighbours, global stakeholders and domestic response agencies.

International engagement

We represent Australia in international forums—including the International Maritime Organization—about maritime issues, including search and rescue, environmental emergencies and port State control.

Building capacity in the maritime industry

We support skills-based initiatives for those who work in the maritime sector and programs that encourage greater participation and diversity across maritime industries.

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Memoranda of understanding

Memoranda of understanding (MOU) are formal documents which guide and formalise our joint activities with domestic and international maritime agencies.

Interagency agreements

Our interagency agreements aim to reduce the regulatory burden on registered training organisations by conducting joint audits wherever possible.

Intergovernmental agreements

We have intergovernmental agreements with state and territory governments in Australia which support a coordinated response to maritime incidents, pollution events and accidents in the marine environment.