Memorandum of understanding with the China Maritime Safety Administration

We have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the China Maritime Safety Administration (China MSA).

We agreed to a partnership with China MSA to share information in the areas of training, port state control, international issues and search and rescue. We have strong ties in the Asia Pacific region and we actively engage with regional agencies. China is an important partner in the region and we have a strong relationship with the China MSA. In 2008, 25 China MSA search and rescue training candidates visited our Canberra office under the MOU. In June 2009, China MSA was an active participant when we hosted the 10th meeting of the Asia Pacific Heads of Maritime Safety Agencies.

Our former Chief Executive Officer, Graham Peachey, signed the MOU in November 2008 with Captain Liu, Head of China MSA, and also had a short meeting with the Vice Minister for Communications (the Department which includes China MSA).

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority's previous Chief Executive Officer, Graham Peachey and shaking hands with Captain Liu Mr Peachey and Captain Liu after signing the MOU in Beijing in November 2008
Last updated: 21 March 2023