Navigating coastal waters

There are aids and rules for navigating Australian coastal waters, particularly in sensitive sea areas. Coastal pilots and vessel traffic services aid in preventing incidents and restrictions apply to operating commercial fishing and offshore exploration and production activities.

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Coastal pilots

Become a coastal pilot, or find a coastal pilot to navigate safely through sensitive marine areas.

Pilot advisory notes

Pilot advisory notes (PANs) inform coastal pilots.

Vessel traffic services

As the competent authority for vessel traffic services (VTS) in Australia, we ensure that VTS providers operate in accordance with Marine Order 64 (Vessel traffic services).

Particularly sensitive sea areas

Environmentally fragile areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Torres Strait are considered particularly sensitive sea areas. We have mandatory regulations you must follow when navigating through these areas.

Commercial fishing

There are limitations on where commercial fishing vessels are allowed to undertake voyages in and around Australian coastal areas.

Offshore activities

All offshore exploration and production titleholders must consult with us before conducting activities so we can assess the implications to the safety of marine navigation.