Use of mobile phones—advisory notice

The purpose of this advisory note is to remind all AMSA licensed coastal pilots to be cognisant of their use of mobile phones when conducting a pilotage.

Maritime incident investigations both in Australia and overseas have highlighted that the use of mobile phones may have been a contributing factor in those incidents. In response, many ships have a mobile phone policy in place. Where a mobile phone policy is in force for a ship, Pilots should comply with this policy while embarked.

As a general principle, Pilots should have their phones turned off or in silent mode when conducting a pilotage. This will minimise the potential distraction for the bridge team and the pilot.

The use of standard ship borne equipment for emergency communication is preferable (i.e. Global Maritime Distress and Safety System equipment). However, in an emergency, all available means of communications, including mobile phones, should be used.

Last updated: 21 September 2020