Equivalent qualifications and skill recognition

Find out if you can use your current international or domestic skills and qualifications to support your application for a certificate of competency.

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Equivalent qualifications for domestic certificates

If you hold a valid qualification you may be exempt from having to retrain when you apply for your certificate of competency.

New Zealand domestic equivalence

If you have a New Zealand citizenship and want to work in the maritime industry in Australia, you can apply for a letter of recognition for your New Zealand national qualifications.

Certificates of recognition and equivalence for international certificates

If you have an international certificate, find out how to get your current qualifications recognised, or get a certificate of equivalence if you are serving on a ship registered on the Australian International Shipping Register.

New Zealand international equivalence

If you have a New Zealand international qualification under STCW, you may be eligible for an equivalent qualification in Australia.

Royal Australian Navy international equivalence

Royal Australian Navy (RAN) qualifications can be recognised in support of gaining civillian qualifications which enable you to operate Australian vessels in international waters.