Certificate of safety training for Royal Australian Navy personnel

How to get an International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Certificate of safety training (CoST) (STCW Reg VI/1) if you are serving or have served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).

RAN personnel must meet the same requirement as any other applicant wishing to gain equivalence for CoST. A CoST will be issued to serving or former RAN personnel who meet these requirements. The full requirements for a CoST are contained in Marine Order 70 (Seafarer certification) 2014. 

Required short courses

RAN equivalent

Personal survival techniques

(STCW Reg VI/1 Code A–VI/1 Table A–VI/1–1)

Complete the full AMSA approved Personal survival techniques course. 

Fire prevention and fire fighting

(STCW Reg VI/1 Code A–VI/1 Table A–VI/1–2)

RAN applicant who has completed the RAN Advanced combat survivability course in the previous 5 years may approach an AMSA approved registered training organisation and seek a recognition of prior learning. If the RAN course was completed more than 5 years ago the applicant will need to complete the full AMSA approved Fire prevention and fire fighting course.

Elementary first aid

(STCW Reg VI/1 Code A–VI/1 Table A–VI/1–3), and

Complete the full AMSA approved Elementary first aid (i.e. Maritime Training package course, Provide First Aid, HLTAID011) course or if holding an equivalent first aid qualification (St John Ambulance, Red Cross, etc) seek a recognition of prior learning from AMSA approved registered training organisation. 

Personal safety and social responsibilities 

(STCW Reg VI/1 Code A-VI/1 Table A - VI/1-4)

Complete the full AMSA approved Personal safety and social responsibilities course. 

Security awareness training

(STCW Code Section A-VI/6 para. 4)

RAN personnel are exempt from this training as RAN security training is considered equivalent to Security awareness training. 

Last updated: 6 September 2021