Surveyor of domestic commercial vessels

Find everything you need to know as a surveyor in the Australian maritime industry.
Surveyor of domestic commercial vessels

If you're a surveyor of domestic commercial vessels, you can access forms and guidance materials, find out about the marine surveyor accreditation scheme, and access the laws and standards relevant to you.

Since 1 July 2018 we became the one point of contact for most services for domestic commercial vessels and crew.

Surveyor accreditation guidance manual

From 1 July 2018, surveys of domestic commercial vessels need to be conducted as set out in the Marine Surveyors Manual.

Find out what you need to do to become an accredited marine surveyor and the guidance you need to carry out your duties as a surveyor under the Marine Surveyors Manual.

National Standard for Commercial Vessels

Standards for vessel design, construction, equipment, operation, and crew competencies for domestic commercial vessels are set out in the National Standard for Commercial Vessels.

Novel Vessels Policy Statement

This policy statement  :

  • Identifies the types of vessels that AMSA considers to be ‘novel’ 
  • clarifies standards and other requirements for novel vessels l, and 
  • provides additional information for novel vessels to gain vessel certification. 

Uniform Shipping Laws Code

The Uniform Shipping Laws (USL) Code provides standards for the design, construction, and operations of domestic commercial vessels in Australia.

For all new domestic commercial vessels—the National Standard for Commercial Vessels has largely replaced the USL Code.

Survey forms

These forms are for surveyors to use while conducting and reporting on a survey or inspection.

View the list of survey forms for further assistance.

To access all forms, you can try our 'find a form' page then use the drop down to list the 'forms for accredited marine surveyors'.

MARS guidance and procedures

This document will guide you through submitting survey reports and recommendations for domestic commercial vessels.

Read the MARS guidance and procedures,

Instructions to surveyors

This page contains instructions to surveyors for conducting the survey and inspection process.

Read the surveyor instructions.

Survey Matters newsletter

Survey Matters provides the latest news and information for accredited surveyors in Australia.

Read past editions of the newsletter Survey Matters.

The National Law Act and regulations

The National Law is also referred to as the 'national law'. We administer the national law, regulations, and marine orders to deliver the national system.

Find out more about the National Law.

National Law marine orders

Marine orders made under the national law set out requirements for certification, vessel identification, and administration. 

Read the National Law marine orders.

National Law Act exemptions

Exemptions from parts of the national law are available where it may be unreasonable or impracticable to require full compliance, or where transitional arrangements are required.

General exemptions are those that have already been approved by AMSA and can be accessed by anyone so long as the conditions and criterion are met. Alternatively, you can make an application to AMSA for a specific exemption.

See our National Law Act exemptions for marine orders webpage for further information.

Generic equivalent solutions

For vessels which are required to comply with the NSCV, you may be permitted to apply for generic equivalent solutions to meet the standard.

Superseded standards and generic equivalent solutions

Generic equivalent standards are being superseded as the national standard is updated. View the list of superseded generic equivalent solutions, and superseded standards for commercial vessels.

My Boat

My Boat is a online system to help people in the domestic commercial vessel industry—including designers, builders, surveyors, owners, and operators—comply with vessel survey requirements. Create a user login to access extra features such as saving and sharing your projects.
See the My Boat online system for information and assistance.

Equivalent means of compliance

The domestic commercial vessel industry is able to propose and implement innovative solutions to achieve the required safety outcomes identified in the standards and make applications to do this.

Read more about the Equivalent means of compliance.

Accredited marine surveyors list

View our list to find an accredited marine surveyor.

Report an unsafe vessel to us

To report an unsafe vessel or major deficiencies, you can submit a marine safety concern to us.


Guidance for equivalent means of compliance applications

The domestic commercial vessel industry is able to propose and implement innovative solutions to achieve the required safety outcomes identified in the standards and make applications to do this.

Read more about the equivalent means of compliance.

Fee for service

Find out about fees associated with the delivery of the accredited marine surveyor scheme and applications for an equivalent means of compliance.

State record requests

Get access to state vessel records and find out which services have moved from local marine safety authorities to AMSA. 

Last updated: 14 November 2022