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Processing your Certificate of recognition application

How we process your Certificate of recognition application after it has been submitted.

We assess foreign marine qualifications against the eligibility criteria for a Certificate of recognition as prescribed in Division 4—recognition of certificates issued overseas, Sections 26-30 of Marine Order 70 (Seafarer certification) 2014, to perform duties or functions on a regulated Australian vessel.

How we recognise certificates

Regulation I/10 of STCW requires that in order for a country to recognise another country's seafarer qualifications, there must be a written agreement in place between those two countries. STCW also requires:

  • Evaluation, including inspection of facilities and procedures, that the requirements of the STCW convention regarding standards of competence, training and certification and quality standards are fully complied with.
  • Prompt notification given of any significant change in the arrangements for training and certification provided.
  • Seafarers who present for recognition and certificates issued, have an appropriate knowledge of Australian maritime legislation.

What happens after applying?

After we have received a complete application, you need to allow up to 28 days for your application to be considered. Consideration of your application may take longer if we do not receive all of the information or documents requested in the form required. We will complete an authenticity check with your issuing administration to determine the validity of the foreign certificate you have submitted with your application. Your application may also be delayed if the administration of the country your primary certificate is issued by does not respond promptly to our authenticity request. We will not accept liability for documents lost in transit.

We will not provide oral or written advice, including by email, on either the acceptability of your application or its likely decision before it is formally lodged and considered.

If your application is assessed as meeting our requirements and you hold a valid Certificate of medical fitness, you will be issued with a Certificate of recognition. If the decision is to refuse to issue a certificate, you will be told in writing of the reasons for this decision.

Holding an a Australian seafarer qualification does not guarantee employment in the Australian maritime industry.

Last updated: 27 October 2020