Recognition of New Zealand certificates

See how New Zealand are recognised to obtain an Australian domestic near coastal certificate.

There are no direct equivalent Australian domestic near coastal certificates for any of the New Zealand national certificates. Instead, you will be issued a letter of recognition which recognises your capacities, endorsements and limitations.

You can be issued a letter of recognition in Australia for the following New Zealand national certificates:

  • Master yacht less than 24 metres
  • Marine engineer class 4
  • Marine engineer class 5
  • Marine engineer class 5—steam
  • Marine engineer class 5—steam and motor
  • Marine engineer class 6
  • Qualified deck crew
  • Skipper coastal/offshore
  • Skipper restricted limits
  • Watchkeeper deck on ships less than 500 gross tonnage in the near coastal area

Refrigerant handling license

The holder of a New Zealand national certificate of competency as marine engineer or an Australian domestic certificate of competency as marine engineer is not deemed to hold a Refrigerant handling license (RHL). 

It is the responsibility of the holders of these certificates to determine if a RHL is required.

The Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 require that a person must not handle refrigerant unless he or she holds a RHL.

Various types of RHL are available and administered by the Australian Refrigerant Council.

Last updated: 27 October 2020