“All ships” VHF radio broadcasts—advisory note

This advisory note reminds coastal pilots of the locations at which “All Ships” broadcasts should be made on VHF radio (channel 16) when transiting specific coastal pilotage areas.

“All Ships” Broadcasts

“All Ships” broadcasts aim to improve situational awareness by informing all vessels in the vicinity of the intended movement of the piloted vessel and the consequent interaction which might occur in a location where the availability of sea room may be a concern. 

“All Ships” broadcasts are recommended to be made as follows: 

  • Prior to entering Prince of Wales Channel (POWC) in the Torres Strait (from either direction eastbound or westbound)
  • Prior to entering north of the Howick Island Group in the Inner Route pilotage area (from either direction northbound or southbound) 
  • When passing Blossom Bank in the Hydrographers Passage pilotage area (when inbound)
  • When passing Bugatti Reef in the Hydrographers Passage pilotage area (when outbound). 

Coastal pilots are encouraged to make the “All Ships” broadcast to enhance ship safety in each location described above.

Last updated: 21 September 2020