Definition of loaded vessel—advisory note

This advisory note sets out AMSA’s position on the meaning of “loaded” for the purposes of clarifying the restrictions imposed on a restricted coastal pilot licence.

Definition of ‘Loaded’ Vessel 

Marine Order 54 (Coastal pilotage) 2014 (MO54) provides that a ‘restricted pilot licence’ permits the licensee to pilot a vessel in a state pilotage area, other than piloting any of the following vessels: 

(a) a loaded oil tanker
(b) a loaded chemical carrier
(c) a loaded liquefied gas carrier.

For the purposes of assigning coastal pilotage voyages in accordance with the requirements of MO54, AMSA’s position is that an oil tanker, chemical tanker or liquefied gas carrier is ‘loaded’ if any cargo remains onboard the vessel for discharge. 

For the purposes of this definition, the presence of any un-pumpable cargo residues remaining onboard such vessels, does not constitute a loaded condition. Persons holding current restricted coasta pilot licences issued by AMSA are not to pilot any of the loaded vessels described in MO54. 

Last updated: 21 September 2020